Home Hawk

Group 14 Members:
Jeain Jeong, Hengsi Lin, Julian Lippmann, Yatish Patel, Sharvari Prabhu

One of your most prized possessions -- your home -- is constantly at a risk
of damages due to environmental conditions.
Pest infestations or even minor fluctuations in temperature and humidity in your house can lead to large repair costs, not to mention added health risks. The HomeHawk enables autonomous monitoring of important household conditions including temperature, humidity, presence of mice and termites in real
time. Simply place the HomeHawk sensor units around your house in locations that are at risk for weather damage or pest infestation, place the stylish HomeHawk Base Unit in an easily visible location, and let the system take care of the rest. There is no need to manually check the HomeHawk sensors at a regular interval. Using cutting edge wireless technology the HomeHawk sensors automatically signal the HomeHawk Base Unit when potentially damaging conditions arise. The Base Unit will tell you exactly which HomeHawk was triggered, allowing you to attack the problem quickly and efficiently without waiting for any damage to occur to your home. In addition, plug the base unit into your computer and use the easy-to-use graphing utilities to track the conditions in your home giving you even more control over your home