Fares Hedayati


Email: fareshed at eecs.[university].edu


I obtained my Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Peter Bartlett. My primary research interests are in theoretical machine learning, online learning and minimum description length principle. I have also worked on OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and handwriting recognition. Here is a link to my CV on linkedin.




Ph.D. Dissertation

Minimax Optimality in Online Learning under Logarithmic Loss with Parametric Constant Experts [pdf]



The Optimality of Jeffreys Prior for Online Density Estimation and the Asymptotic Normality of Maximum Likelihood Estimators [pdf]

Fares Hedayati, Peter Bartlett


Exchangeability Characterizes Optimality of Sequential Normalized Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Prediction with Jereys Prior [pdf]

Fares Hedayati, Peter Bartlett


Recognition of Tibetan wood block prints with generalized hidden Markov and kernelized modified quadratic distance function [pdf]

Fares Hedayati, Jike Chong, Kurt Keutzer


Horizon-Independent Optimal Prediction with Log-Loss in Exponential Families [pdf]

 Peter Bartlett, Peter Grunwald, Peter Harremoes, Fares Hedayati, Wojciech Kotlowski




CS70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

Spring 2011, James Demel, UC Berkeley 


CS170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems

Fall 2008, Satish Rao, UC Berkeley 


CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 

Fall 2009, Brian Harvey, UC Berkeley