RCBR: Renegotiated constant bit rate service

A new service model called RCBR (Renegotiated Constant Bit Rate service) for multiple time-scale traffic, such as compressed video, has been developed. The main motivation for RCBR stems from the observation that open-loop flow-spec based schemes perform poorly for compressed video, or generally for flows with multiple time-scale fluctuations: the user is unwilling or, worse, unable to precisely specify a connection in advance. This can result in underutilization of the network or in congestion, depending on what degree of "aggressiveness" is used in admission control. RCBR proposes using in-call renegotiation (with a small renegotiation failure probability) and rely on measurement-based admission control (MBAC).

M. Grossglauser, S. Keshav and D. Tse, ``RCBR: A Simple and Efficient Service for Multiple Time-Scale Traffic'', IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, December 1997, pp. 741-755.

RCBR is in part motivated by a theory of statistical multiplexing of multiple time-scale traffic, something I did as part of my Ph.D. thesis.

D. Tse, R.G. Gallager and J.N. Tsitsiklis, ``Statistical Multiplexing of Multiple Time-scale Markov Streams'' , IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, special issue on Advances in the Fundamentals of Networking, vol. 13, no. 6., Aug. 1995, pp. 1028-1039.