Getting started with VRML

This is an introductory page to explain what VRML is, how to get it running on your machine and where some good VRML content can be found. The only site that is really ever needed with regard to VRML is the following. It contains references to all browsers, modelers, content, etc.

* VRML repository at San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

What VRML is

A great explanation of what VRML is can be found here

* The Story of VRML
* Introduction to VRML

Where VRML browsers/plugins are

There are currently only 4 VRML 2.0-complient browsers which can be found at:

* VRML browsers

Students may find it easiest to use this site to install a VRML 2.0-compliant browser on their home and/or school machine. This is probably the most convenient way to do it.

If students do not have access to a machine in which they can install a browser, fear not. We will be installing VRML 2.0 browsers on the SGI Indys in 347 Soda and using the cs294 accounts. Information will be available on this page when root@po.eecs will have installed a VRML 2.0 browser.

Good VRML content

* SGI's site of 40 best VRML 2.0 worlds
* VRML Worlds at SDSC

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