CS261 Project Writeup

The project report will be due at 9:00am Monday 14 December, sharp. No exceptions or extensions will be granted, so get them in on time!

You may submit your project report electronically or on paper. If you are going to submit electronically:

  1. It must be in a format which is easily readable on Unix platforms: that means HTML, Postscript, or PDF is fine (but not Microsoft Word).
  2. Place a link to the file on your project web page (and email us the URL if you haven't already), or email the file to cs261-homeworks@joseph.cs.berkeley.edu. (If you write it in HTML, place it on your web page, and email us the URL if you haven't already. (Emailing a HTML file almost never works, since folks almost always forget to send some gif or other file that is referenced in the master HTML file.))
If you submit on paper, place it in David Wagner's mailbox in Soda Hall, or place it under the door of his office (445 Soda). We greatly prefer electronic submission, although you may choose either. In either case, the deadline is the same.

The project report should resemble a conference paper. State the problem you're solving, motivate why it is an important or interesting problem, present your research thoroughly and clearly, and draw whatever conclusions may be appropriate. There is no page limit, but we expect most project reports will probably fall into the range of 7--15 pages.

You can find some hints and advice on writing a good systems paper on Armando Fox's page on writing technical papers; other good advice can be found in a note by the co-chairs of SOSP 9.

You will also be required to present your project at a poster session on Friday 4 December.