CS 258 Parallel Processors
University of California, Berkeley
Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Prof. David E. Culler
Assignment 1
Spring 1999
Due Fri, 1/29 Before Class

We'll try to run this with course with as little paper as possible. Please email your assignment to culler@cs.berkeley.edu.

Intro part

   Please include your name, email, URL, and student ID.  Describe in a paragraph what you hope to get out of this course.

Book Problems Culler and Singh:

    1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, 1.18 plus one other problem from Chapter 1 of your choice.

 Micro-research study (one page):

    Locate an important service that is provided on a parallel machine.  Describe what it is, what the machine is, and what parallel software provides the service on the machine.  For example, the inktomi search engine (www.inktomi.com) which underlies hotbot, yahoo, msn and several others is a two-hundred-and-some processor cluster based on NOW (now.cs.berkeley.edu).  It runs specialized search software that utilizes parallelism at several levels:  it spreads queries over the nodes (since the start and end of each is sequential), it performs each search on all the nodes (since the database is partitioned over the nodes), and it performs multiple searches simultaneously (since some may go to disk). Think ebay, walmart, bank of america, hot mail, etc.  Think big.  If it is big computing, you'll probably find that it is parallel.


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