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Must Read Papers:

1.51-GHz with Q >10,000 Even in Air!
A result of purposely impedance-mismatching a polydiamond disk with its polysilicon stem.


1.2-GHz with Q = 14,600!

Who says diamond is needed to get Q >10,000 at GHz frequencies? With the right "hollow-disk" ring design, polysilicon can do even better than diamond.



60-MHz Wine-Glass Disk Oscillator Makes the GSM Reference Oscillator Spec!
Higher power handling and a Q >50,000 crucial in making the spec.



Arraying for Impedance <480W at 72MHz!
Mechanically coupled resonator arrays automatically align resonator frequencies to allow output summation for low impedance and higher power handling.



Latest Vibrating RF MEMS Tutorial (2005)


The Latest Award Winning Papers:

Solid-Gap Vibrating Micromechanical Resonator Wins Best Paper Award at the 2005 IEEE Int. Frequency Control Symposium!
Congratulations to Yu-Wei Lin for winning the Best Frequency Control Paper Award at the 2005 IEEE  Int. Frequency Control Symposium.


Chip-Scale Atomic Clock Overview Paper Wins the Jack Raper Award at the 2005 IEEE Int. Solid-State Circuits Conference!
Congratulations to all those in the CSAC program (which Prof. Nguyen ran while at DARPA), especially John Kitching from NIST, who co-authored this paper.


Vibrating RF MEMS Wins Best Invited Paper Award at the 2004 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference!
Read this for an overview on vibrating RF MEMS.


Resonator Array Oscillator Wins 2004 UFFC Symposium Best Frequency Control Paper Award!
Congratulations to Seungbae Lee for winning the Best Frequency Control Paper Award at the 2004 IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 50th Anniv. Joint Conf.


Ext. Wine-Glass Resonator Work Wins 2003 IEDM Best Paper Award!
Congratulations to Yuan Xie for winning the 2003 Int. Electron Devices Meeting Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award.


Short Courses and Tutorials by Prof. Nguyen:


MEMS for Frequency and Timing References,” 2005 IEEE Combined Frequency Control/Precision Time  & Time Interval Symposium, Vancouver, Canada.


MEMS for Frequency and Timing References,” 2004 IEEE Symposium on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, Montreal, Canada.


“Accessing Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Technology,” Government Microcircuit Applications Conference (GOMAC’04), Monterey, California.


Vibrating RF MEMS for Low Power Wireless Communications,” 1st Int. Conf. and School on Nanoscale/Molecular Mechanics, Maui, Hawaii.


RF MEMS for Wireless Communications,” given at the 2001 Int. MEMS Workshop, Singapore.


Micromechanical RF Devices for Communication Transceivers,” given at the 11th Int. Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators (Transducers’01), 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Munich, Germany.





























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