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Must Read Papers:

1.51-GHz with Q >10,000 Even in Air!
A result of purposely impedance-mismatching a polydiamond disk with its polysilicon stem.


1.2-GHz with Q = 14,600!

Who says diamond is needed to get Q >10,000 at GHz frequencies? With the right "hollow-disk" ring design, polysilicon can do even better than diamond.



60-MHz Wine-Glass Disk Oscillator Makes the GSM Reference Oscillator Spec!
Higher power handling and a Q >50,000 crucial in making the spec.



Arraying for Impedance <480W at 72MHz!
Mechanically coupled resonator arrays automatically align resonator frequencies to allow output summation for low impedance and higher power handling.



With their rapid publication cycles, conference papers perhaps provide the most up-to-date information on our latest research results. Click on the links at the left to access conference publications by year. 

[Clicking through all of the links at the left in sequence gives an interesting chronicle of progress in vibrating RF MEMS research, from its beginnings, to its present state.]

Or click on the links below for the overview papers over the years on vibrating RF MEMS and more.


The Latest Award Winning Papers:

Solid-Gap Vibrating Micromechanical Resonator Wins Best Paper Award at the 2005 IEEE Int. Frequency Control Symposium!
Congratulations to Yu-Wei Lin for winning the Best Frequency Control Paper Award at the 2005 IEEE  Int. Frequency Control Symposium.


Chip-Scale Atomic Clock Overview Paper Wins the Jack Raper Award at the 2005 IEEE Int. Solid-State Circuits Conference!
Congratulations to all those in the CSAC program (which Prof. Nguyen ran while at DARPA), especially John Kitching from NIST, who co-authored this paper.


Vibrating RF MEMS Wins Best Invited Paper Award at the 2004 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference!
Read this for an overview on vibrating RF MEMS.


Resonator Array Oscillator Wins 2004 UFFC Symposium Best Frequency Control Paper Award!
Congratulations to Seungbae Lee for winning the Best Frequency Control Paper Award at the 2004 IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control 50th Anniv. Joint Conf.


Ext. Wine-Glass Resonator Work Wins 2003 IEDM Best Paper Award!
Congratulations to Yuan Xie for winning the 2003 Int. Electron Devices Meeting Roger A. Haken Best Student Paper Award.


Latest Vibrating RF MEMS Overview Paper (2005)

Invited Conference Overview Publications:

(Note that the following are invited overview papers, not regular papers. Click on the links at the upper left for regular papers containing more detail on specific topics.)

  Invited Overview Conference Publications:

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “MEMS for frequency control and timing (invited plenary)Proceedings, Joint IEEE Int. Frequency Control/Precision Time & Time Interval Symposium, Vancouver, Canada, Aug. 29-31, 2005, pp. 1-11.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “RF MEMS in wireless architectures (invited)Proceedings, the 42nd Design Automation Conference, Anaheim, California, June 13-17, 2005, pp. 416-420.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Vibrating RF MEMS technology: fuel for an integrated micromechanical circuit revolution? (invited),” Dig. of Tech. Papers, the 13th Int. Conf. on Solid-State Sensors & Actuators (Transducers’05), Seoul, Korea, June 5-9, 2005, pp. 243-246.

C. T.-C. Nguyen and J. Kitching, “Towards chip-scale atomic clocks (invited)Digest of Technical Papers, 2005 IEEE Int. Solid-State Circuits Conference, San Francisco, California, Feb. 6-9, 2005, pp. 84-85. (best paper award winner)

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Vibrating RF MEMS overview: applications to wireless communications (invited plenary)Proceedings, Photonics West: MOEMS-MEMS 2005, San Jose, California, Jan. 22-27, 2005, Paper No. 5715-201.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Vibrating RF MEMS for next generation wireless applications (invited)Proceedings, 2004 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conf., Orlando, Florida, Oct. 3-6, 2004, pp. 257-264. (best paper award winner)

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “MEMS technologies for communications (invited keynote)Tech. Proceedings, 2003 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, San Francisco, California, February 23-27, 2003, pp. 452-455.

M. A. Abdelmoneum, M. U. Demirci, and C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Stemless wine-glass-mode disk micromechanical resonatorsProceedings, 16th Int. IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conf., Kyoto, Japan, Jan. 19.-23, 2003, pp. 698-701.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Vibrating RF MEMS for low power communications (invited)Proceedings, 2002 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts , Dec. 2-6, 2002, pp. J12.1.1-J12.1.12.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “RF MEMS for wireless applications (invited keynote)Conf. Digest, 2002 Device Research Conference, Santa Barbara, California, June 24-26, 2002, pp. 9-12.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “RF MEMS for Low-Power CommunicationsExtended Abstracts, 2001 Int. Conf. on Solid-State Devices and Materials (SSDM’01), Tokyo, Japan, Sept. 26-28, 2001, pp. 462-463.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Transceiver front-end architectures using vibrating micromechanical signal processors (invited)Dig. of Papers, Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems, Sept. 12-14, 2001, pp. 23-32.

 C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Vibrating RF MEMS for low power wireless communications (invited keynote)Proceedings, 2000 Int. MEMS Workshop (iMEMS’01), Singapore, July 4-6, 2001, pp. 21-34.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical circuits for communication transceivers (invited)Proceedings, 2000 Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting (BCTM), Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 25-26, 2000, pp. 142-149.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical circuits for wireless communications (invited plenary)Proceedings, 2000 European Solid-State Device Research Conference, Cork, Ireland, September 11-13, 2000, pp. 2-12.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Transceiver front-end architectures using high-Q micromechanical resonators (invited)Proceedings, IEEE European MIDAS Workshop, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, July 17-18, 2000.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Communication architectures based on high-Q MEMS devices (invited)Workshop Notes, Workshop on Microwave and Photonic Applications of MEMS at the 2000 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, Anaheim, California, June 16, 2000.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical circuits for communications (invited)Proceedings, 2000 Int. Conference on High Density Interconnect and Systems Packaging, Denver, Colorado, April 25-28, 2000, pp. 112-117.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical components for miniaturized low-power communications (invited)Proceedings, 1999 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium RF MEMS Workshop (on Microelectromechanical Devices for RF Systems: Their Construction, Reliability, and Application), Anaheim, California, June 18, 1999, pp. 48-77.

 C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical filters for miniaturized low-power communications (invited)Proceedings of SPIE: Smart Structures and Materials (Smart Electronics and MEMS), Newport Beach, California, March 1-5, 1999, pp. 55-66.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, A.-C. Wong, and H. Ding, “Tunable, switchable, high-Q VHF microelectromechanical bandpass filters (invited)Digest of Technical Papers, 1999 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, San Francisco, California, Feb. 15-17, 1999, pp. 78-79, 448.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromachining technologies for miniaturized communication devices (invited plenary)Proceedings of SPIE: Micromachining and Microfabrication, Santa Clara, California, Sept. 20-22, 1998, pp. 24-38.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Communications applications of microelectromechanical systems (invited)Proceedings, 1998 Sensors Expo, San Jose, California, May 20, 1998, pp. 447-455.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Frequency-selective MEMS for miniaturized communication devices (invited)Proceedings, 1998 IEEE Aerospace Conference, vol. 1, Snowmass, Colorado, March 21-28, 1998, pp. 445-460.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical devices for wireless communications (invited plenary)Proceedings, 1998 IEEE International Workshop on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Heidelberg, Germany, Jan. 25-29, 1998,  pp. 1-7.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “High-Q micromechanical oscillators and filters for communications (invited)Proceedings, 1997 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Hong Kong, June 9-12, 1997, pp. 2825-2828.

C. T.-C. Nguyen, “Micromechanical resonators for oscillators and filters (invited)Proceedings, 1995 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, Seattle, WA, Nov. 7-10, 1995, pp. 489-499.



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