I am a grad student working on low-level systems projects advised by Eric Brewer. My academic interests include just about anything related to Operating Systems, especially in a many-core environment. The picture above is either me hard at work, or the Ballistic Research Laboratories Electronic Scientific Computer (BRLESC) and shamelessly borrowed from a great computer history site. This describes my work reasonably well.

In a previous life, I graduated from West Point in 2001 with a B.S. in Math and minor in Computer Science. I served in Charlie Company and HHC, 44th Signal Battalion in Mannhein Germany from Jan 2002 - Jun 2006.

Feel free to contact me (username @ cs, etc) with either work-related ideas xor something ridiculously funny. Resume available, etc.

Main Projects

I spend most of my time working on the Akaros Operating System, an OS built-from-scratch that's designed to support parallel and high performance applications, especially on large scale SMP and many-core architectures. Check out the project website for more information. Also, if you'd like to financially contribute to Akaros or sponsor a syscall, let me know (I'm joking, but feel free to send money)!

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