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Cadence Distinguished Professor of EECS
Office: 573 Cory Hall
(510) 643 9801
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University of California, Berkeley.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

The Donald O. Pederson Center for Electronic Systems Design

SIS download for PC  (logic synthesis)

Software Homepages:
VIS  (formal verification), ABC (sequential synthesis and verification),
MVSIS  (multi-valued logic synthesis), BALM (automata and language manipulation)

Personal Information

Wife: Ruth Brayton, RN
Children: Jane, James, Michael
Father In Law of : Daniel Burchard, Debbie Marr.
Grandchildren: Tommy and Lia Burchard,

                         Matthew, Mason, and Mariella Brayton.

Pets: Tiffy (cat), Toby (dog)


short biography

Logic Courses

1.      Logic Synthesis and Verification (homepage - offered Spring 2002 by A. Kuehlmann at Berkeley (219B).

2.      Logic Synthesis for Hardware Systems (homepage - offered Spring 2000 by Brayton at Berkeley (219B).

3.      NTU TV logic course (DS 763CA) description and homepage

4.      next generation logic synthesis (course announcement)

5.      The unknown component problem

6.      Sequential Synthesis and verification

(Not so) Recent Talks

1.      A Theory of Non-Deterministic Networks (invited talk -Workshop on Boolean Problems, Sept., 2002 in Freiberg Germany)

2.      Optimization of Multi-Level Multi-Valued Networks (invited talk - ISMVL, May., 2002 in Boston MA)


List of publications 1961-2002 (by topic in chronological order)

Recent publications (.pdf) – 2002-2008

A few papers (either .ps or .pdf)

1.      Observability Relations for Multi-Output Nodes

2.      Combinational Test Generation Using Satisfiability

3.      Valid Clock Frequencies and Their Computation in Wavepipelined Circuits

4.      Multi-Valued Optimization on Post Logic Networks

5.      Topologically Constrained Logic Synthesis

6.      Whirlpool PLAs: A Regular Logic Structure and Their Synthesis

7.      Reducing Multi-Valued Algebraic Operations to Binary

8.      A Theory of Non-Deterministic Networks

A few selected (older) publications

1.      "A Theory of Nonlinear Networks" (with J.K. Moser), Quarterly of Applied Mathematics , April, 1964.

2.      "Latin Squares of All Orders n Not Equal to 2,3,6" (with A.J. Hoffman, D. Coppersmith) IBM Research Report RC-4532 and Bull. of AMS , Vol. 80, No. 1, Jan. 1974 and as “Self-orthogonal Latin Squares," Colloquia Internazionalle sulle TEORIE COMBINATORIE, September 3-15, 1973; Academia Nazionale Dei Lincei, Roma, pp. 509-517, 1976.

3.      "Yield Maximization and Worst-Case Design with Arbitrary Statistical Distributions," (with S.W. Director and G.D. Hachtel), IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, CAS-26, September 1979.

4.      "Stability of Dynamical Systems: A Constructive Approach," (with C. H. Tong) IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, CAS-26, pp. 224-234, April 1979

5.      "The Sparse Tableau Approach to Network Analysis and Design", (with G. D. Hachtel and F. G. Gustavson), The World of Large Scale Systems , IEEE Press, 1982.

6.      "The Decomposition and Factorization of Boolean Expressions" (with C. McMullen), ISCAS Proceedings, April 1982.

7.      “A Comparison of Logic Minimization Strategies Using ESPRESSO: An APL Program Package for Partitioned Logic Minimization”, (with G.D. Hachtel, L. Hemanchandra, R. Newton and A. Sangiovanni- Vincentelli), Proceedings of the International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, pp. 42-48, Rome, Italy, April 1982

8.      "Logic operations are properties of computer-simulated interactions between excitable dendritic spines" (with G. Shepherd), Neuroscience , 1987 Apr, 21(1):151-65.

9.      "The Yorktown Silicon Compiler" (with R. Camposano, G. De Micheli, R. H. J. M. Otten, and J. van Eijnhoven), Silicon Compilation, ed. D. D. Gajski, Addison-Wesley, 1988.


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