Asynchronous Bulk File I/O in Titanium,
a High-Performance SPMD Java Dialect
(CS264 Final Project, Fall 1999)

Dan Bonachea
EECS Department
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776


Titanium is a high-performance explicitly parallel SPMD dialect of Java. Currently, the runtime support for file I/O is limited to the classes present in Java, which have proven too inefficient to meet the demands of high-performance scientific applications which perform large amounts of file I/O. A new library is presented which adds support for asynchronous file I/O operations to enable masking I/O latency with overlapped computation. The new library also provides support for bulk (array) I/O operations, removing much of the overhead associated with the Java I/O libraries which require the programmer to read arrays a single element at a time. Experimental results are presented which compare the performance of the new library with the existing I/O libraries on a simple external merge sort, and show the performance of the new library to be vastly superior to the existing I/O facilities for this application.


Available here as : Postscript (ps) and Acrobat (pdf)

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