Ben Mildenhall

I am a second year PhD student in computer science at UC Berkeley, currently advised by Prof. Ren Ng and supported by a Hertz Fellowship.

I did my undergrad in computer science and math at Stanford.


Grad stuff...tbd

Undergrad stuff

Undergrad CS senior thesis: Variations on SMC methods for inference in probabilistic programs (June 2015)

"Controlling Procedural Modeling Programs with Stochastically-Ordered Sequential Monte Carlo."
Daniel Ritchie, Ben Mildenhall, Noah Goodman, Pat Hanrahan. SIGGRAPH 2015. pdf

CS229: Live Handwriting Recognition Using Language Semantics (fall 2013)

My final project with Nikhil Lele for the Stanford machine learning class. We designed a method for live handwriting recognition based on matching clustering written characters using shape contexts and then determining which letter each character cluster corresponds by using an input dictionary.

CS348B: Extending the PBRT Renderer to Support Volumetric Light Sources (spring 2013)

My final project for the Stanford rendering class. I added support for multicolored, nonhomogeneous, emissive volumes into PBRT's path tracing integrator.

CS148: Ray Tracer (fall 2012)

My ray tracing assignment for the Stanford intro graphics class. The starter code for this assignment in 2013 and 2014 was based on my implementation.