Thinking about applying for a PhD in HCI at Berkeley?
Berkeley is a fantastic place to do HCI research, and I encourage you to apply. My department, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, will be a good fit for students with a strong technical background. If your strength lies outside of computer science, apply to the home department that best matches your skill set, e.g., the iSchool. My group has its home in the Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD), a 4000 sq ft lab that fosters a deeply interdisciplinary approach to design for the 21st century. The BiD lab is home to students from human-computer interaction, mechanical engineering, education, architecture and art practice. For more information about current research in HCI and the BiD lab, see the EECS Research Area Overview page and the BiD site.

Interested in a Professional Masters degree in HCI?
Berkeley's College of Engineering has a new, professionally-oriented 1-year Master's of Engineering (M.Eng.) program with a concentration in Visual Computing/EECS. This degree is appropriate for students interested in HCI, Graphics and Vision who wish to work in industry afterwards. EECS also has a research-based MS degree; it historically admits very few students and I do not recommend applying to it. The iSchool has a large 2-year master's program that is appropriate for students from a range of academic backgrounds.

Computer Science graduate admissions are handled at a department-wide level. I cannot help with the admissions process to any graduate or undergraduate programs, and will not respond to any email in that vein. For more information about how to apply, visit the EECS Graduate Admissions page. I cannot help with requests for internships from non-UCB students and will not reply such emails.