Anindya De started breathing on 26th September, 1986 in Ranchi, India. As an child, he showed all the signs of becoming a menace to civilized society. This included an everyday struggle with his parents to not go to school for five long years, trying to run away from home and other things which if written here, might lead to a lawsuit against this page.

Anyway, as years went by, his flair subsided and slowly his radical ideas got suppressed by the society. He eventually did go to school peacefully and was fortunate to have a very good set of friends. His parents never believed in asking him to pay attention to his studies primarily because it was a surprise to them that he is going to be counted as a literate person after all. After staying in Ranchi for 17 years, Anindya went to IIT Kanpur for undergrad. The 4 years he spent there were doubtlessly the best 4 years of his life (this statement has been conditioned on all the events that might happen in the future). Here again, he had some wonderful friends who remain some of his closest confidants till date. Some very inspiring professors were responsible for introducing him to Theoretical Computer Science, the only thing he can bear to think about, for 15 minutes at a stretch.

On 31st May, 2008, Anindya finally managed to decieve everyone into believing that he deserved a degree inspite of all the things he did. On its part, IIT Kanpur was happy to throw him out. In the meanwhile, he managed to fool some others ina faraway land, to pay him a salary for next 4-5 years and in lieu, pretend to read papers and eventually write some. Anindya is now a PhD student at UC Berkeley and is reaping the fruits of having fooled some very smart people into believing that he is interested in doing "research".

Had Anindya been a million times smarter, he would have read this